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Eye Kandy Sprinkles represents the very latest breakthrough in brillant make-up & body shimmer
•Glitter can be worn bolder for a more intense look or subtle for a daytime office look.
•Our secret is our stay-put base. Once glitter is applied, it will stay on all day. No flaking!
•Sprinkles Glitter is an excellant product for dance troops, cheerleaders, stage performers, etc.
•It can be applied as a liner or all over for a more intense and noticeable look.

•We offer a variety of brighter, bolder colors for performers.

•Sprinkles Liquid Sugar is water-based and also safe for skin and contact lenses.
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Eye Kandy Glitter Essentials

Enjoy eye glitter that stays all day, with no flaking, thanks to the stay-put base of Eye Kandy Sprinkles. Make it part of your everyday look or part of your performance make-up. Each of these 5g canisters contains the latest in Eye Kandy’s line of brilliant colors and styles. Whether you are a cheerleader, a stage performer, part of a dance troop, or just someone looking to add a subtle touch to your eye make-up, our selection of Eye Kandy has something in store for you. Add just a touch or apply it as a liner for a more intense and noticeable look.

Our liquid sugar is water-based and safe for both your skin and your contact lenses. Is your bubbly personality a perfect fit for our bubblegum pink Tutti Frutti? Are you looking to steal the show with bright yellow Bananarama? How about adding a subtle sparkle to your dark outfit with Black Bart? Simply choose your favorite colors from our huge (and ever-growing) collection, apply as desired, and enjoy your new look without worrying about irritation or flaking.