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3025 Smilin Jacks Bad Ass Pax Stencils L085 Skull Rose Bloody Eyes - QuickEZ Pumpkin Burpo Rubber Stamp
L085 Skull Rose
Our Price: $7.70
Bloody Eyes - QuickEZ
Our Price: $4.00
Zombie Hand StencilEyes / PROFILES Pumpkin Diva Stencil L072 Skull Bat The Walking Dead Mini Pallet - Wolfe FX
Pumpkin Diva Stencil
Our Price: $4.75
L072 Skull Bat
Our Price: $7.70
Pumpkin Jack-O StencilEyes Assorted Rose Bling  - 30 per bag Werewolf Fangs - Deluxe Fangs Monster Paste Kit w Mold #3 Gun Shot
Halloween Pumpkin - 3 Layer Stencil 25 rainbow, angled unicorn horns Fright Night - 3 Layer Stencil Monster Paste Kit w Mold #4
Royal Soft Grip Brush Set in Case HWN-pumkn Pumpkin w face Brush bath 4oz BEST GLUE FOR APPLYING GEMS AND HORNS! Fazmataz 10ml Glitter Tattoo Glue in glass nailpolish bottle
Royal Soft Grip Brush Set in Case
List Price: $48.86
Our Price: $38.00
Savings: $10.86
Brush bath 4oz
Our Price: $12.00
Broken Case Global FunStroke Palette - Rainbow Burst Stencil Organizer Album Batty Witch StencilEyes / PROFILES Pretty Pumpkin Arty Brush Cake
Broken Case Global FunStroke Palette - Rainbow Burst
Our Price: $33.00
Sale Price: $26.00
Savings: $7.00
Stencil Organizer Album
Our Price: $18.00
Spooky Halloween Set with Design Sheets Monster Paste Mold #5 Adhesive Reuseable Snazaroo Face Painting Stencils 6/Pkg Halloween Witch Band Diva Stencil
Monster Paste Mold #5
Our Price: $30.00
Witch Band Diva Stencil
Our Price: $6.75
L076 Fairy Small Glitter Silicone Applicator Astro StencilEyes / PROFILES Coagulated Blood .05 oz carded - Mehron
L076 Fairy
Our Price: $7.70
Ghost Burpo Rubber Stamp RS30-5 Flabbergasted 30Gram Split Cake - Diamond FX Halloween Boo Mylar Stencil - Snazaroo Monster Paste Mold #1
Monster Paste Mold #1
Our Price: $30.00
Snazaroo Special FX Red Fake Gel Blood  50ml Coagulated Blood 1 oz - Mehron 3024 Haunted Bad Ass Pax Stencils 3026 Creature Feature Bad Ass Pax Stencils
Snazaroo Special FX Red Fake Gel Blood 50ml
Our Price: $6.95
Sale Price: $2.95
Savings: $4.00
Global BodyArt - Rainbow Explosion Face Painting Kit Face Painter 3 Pocket Apron Matte White on Black Apron Monster Paste Mold #13 Halloween Pixie Paint 1oz
Monster Paste Mold #13
Our Price: $30.00
Petunia StencilEyes / PROFILES Large Glitter Silicone Applicator Festival Glitter Clear Gel Base - 8oz White 90g - Diamond FX
White 90g - Diamond FX
Our Price: $21.00

Your One-Stop-Shop for Body Art & Face Painting Supplies

Landing on this page has landed you right inside the treasure trove of body art and face painting supplies. Whether you are a professional face painter, a henna artist, a carnival arts enthusiast, or just putting together the perfect costume, we have the right face paint and glitter tattoos for you.

We've literally got you covered. Need stencils? We have virtually thousands of selections to satisfy every theme, every artist, and every face, whether you need face paint designs for kids face painting or body art for adults. Paints and cakes aplenty, a gallery of glitters galore, a balloon bonanza; whatever you are looking for to fulfill your make-up, special effects, face painting, metal crafting, tee-shirt spraying needs and more, we've got it all.

Are you an airbrush artist? We can outfit you with an airbrush set, compressor and cleaning pot to ensure your hygienic work space. Are henna tattoos part of your talented ensemble? No worries. We've got everything you are looking for from Niaouli Essential Oil to henna powder, cones, puff glitter and complete instructions to produce brilliantly dazzling works of body art.

Take a look here at the products on offer:

- Mehron brand theatrical make-up colors for commercial and educational purposes as well as the motion picture, video and television markets. Designed for the professional look, whether it's the opera where performers' faces need to be seen from the back row or just perfecting your clown face, face painting in general or the occasion of Halloween.

- Eye Kandy Bags as the perfect starter kit or as an exceptional gift idea. Explore the Kandy Bag that comes with its liquid sugar base, Eye Kandy Sprinkles with your choice of 85 colors and the applicator brush.

- Bella, Web Warrior, Birdie, Tropical and Tinkie Stencils, just to get the ball rolling.

There are far more items than can be listed here. The best approach is to dive right in have a look around. There is so much to see!

Today's Super Deal!

Misc. Assortment Qualatex from OPENED BAG 100ct 260Q

Our Price: $8.90
Sale Price: $7.50
Savings: $1.40
Misc. Assortment Qualatex from OPENED BAG 100ct 260Q
Colors will vary.. they are from various opened bags, but you will get an assortment like shown in picture.