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Balloon Magic Book #51
Our Price: $5.00
Holiday Designs Face Paint Book Book
Our Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $5.00
Savings: $10.00
Santa Mask, Turtle, Raccoon, Hippo, Giraffe, Christmas Tree Hat, Star,
& More
This is a 54 page, full color book by Silly Farms on painting holiday designs. (Books can not be returned, refunded or exchanged for any reason)
9 Full color step-by-step instructions to create your favorite monster face paints. Detailed instructions and photos.  Also includes blank faces for you to create your own unique monsters!
Books are designed for beginners to intermediate artists.
3 Minute Cheek Art Book
Our Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $8.00
Savings: $7.00
One of our most popular books with over 150 photo ideas and many step-by-step instructions. This 56 page, full color book featuring Roberta Mandella is a must-have.  It is 3rd in a series issued by SNAZAROO USA, Inc. Step by step face painting book with 15 faces. Easy to follow step by step photos. Books are designed for beginner to intermediate. The faces included in this book are:

   Possessed, Beat Up, Stitch, Gothic, Burnt, Death
   Beast, Trickster, Scrape, The Monster, Fiend
   Old Lady, Zombie, Ghoul, Skinless
FX Faces Face Paint Book
Our Price: $12.00
Step by step face painting book with 15 faces. Easy to follow step by step photos. Books are designed for beginner to intermediate. The faces included in this book are:

   Chameleon, Bat, Butterfly, Giraffe, Bluejay, Rattlesnake
   Fish, Peacock, Zebra, Tiger, Chimp
   Cheetah, T-Rex, Wolf, Insect
This is a great book for the intermediate / advanced painters Special F/X Book - by kingfisher - full color - 8-1/2 x 10-5/8 - Special F/X from nose to bullet wounds. (Books can not be returned, refunded or exchanged for any reason) A guide to creating 30 face-paint designs, including a pirate, a tiger and a butterfly, using simple techniques. It lists the materials needed, provides step-by-step instructions and advises how to make hats and other accessories, and how to set up a face-painting stall at a fund-raising event.

Editorial Reviews
From School Library Journal
Grade 6 Up-- Step-by-step techniques for creating over 30 face-painting designs with additional instructions for making accessories to complete the costumes. This book is directed at adult or artistically talented, mature audiences. Even though children will enjoy browsing through these full-page, full-color photographs to choose the look they want, it is doubtful that they will be able to accomplish even the simplest of these effects alone. On the other hand, it is an excellent source of ideas for school carnivals and fairs. The text (which does not cite an author) stresses that young children can usually sit still for a maximum of five minutes and that many are nervous about face-painting and need reassurance along the way. It offers advice about crowd control and setting up workshops to teach others the skills. Proper cautions are provided. A word of wisdom when attempting these attractive designs--plan on more than five minutes per face--especially if you need to allow a base color to dry before applying the second coat. A useful title to have on hand for Halloween and carnival time. --Blair Christolon, Prince William Library, Manassas, VA
This is a beginner book, it is also inclueded on our large kits Snazaroo Zoo Book - by krause publication - full color - 8-1/4 x 10-7/8 inches - 90 pages - step by step animals, butterflies, stegosaurus & more. This book has step by step on how to paint many designs. It has instructions that allow you to make your own children's costumes using inexpensive children's sweats, felt and other items found in the home. It is costuming and face painting in one book. (Books can not be returned, refunded or exchanged for any reason).
Body XRays by Pashur
Our Price: $14.00
“[The] sections on airbrush tattoos, henna patterns, and nail decorations are likely to have a real teen appeal. Striking color photos.”—School Library Journal

Forget the paper and posterboard-use your own body as the backdrop for colorful creations. Paint your face like a lion and roar with delight. Stencil a daisy on your arm for summer fun. With Mom or Dad’s help, any youngster can turn into a pirate, princess, or calico cat. Older kids can adorn a shoulder with a galloping zebra or tickle some toenails with a tropical scene. All the techniques from face painting to henna tattooing are described in detail and accompanied by color photos illustrating the before, during, and after of the process.
This is a 54 page book and a wonderful selection of Princess Crowns and Face Painting Designs. (Books can not be returned, refunded or exchanged for any reason) Body X-Rays

These templates are a wonderful tool to expand your body painting creativity.  X-rays help you visualize and lay out a plan for face painting designs and body painting designs. One of the hardest parts about creating a fluid body art design is creating a pattern and how it will be displayed on the entire body. Each pack includes 4 templates.  

To use the templates, lay template over any picture, magazine add, pattern in a book, etc.  Once you have placed the template and like the design you see, you can take a picture with your camera and, there you go, a fast, cool new design to add to your body painting folder for future designs.  The X-rays create a visual image of what a particular design will look like over the face and body. These templates are also available in Face Painting X-Rays.
Rainbows and Bling
Our Price: $14.00
A Trip to the Zoo Book
Our Price: $15.00
Cats Face Paint Book
Our Price: $15.00
The Face Painting Book of Rainbows and Bling is a collaboration book by Marcela Murad and Heather Green. This stunning book features 23 step by step blingtastic designs. Each design features beautiful color and bling! This is a great book for all level painters and includes step by step instructions how to create bling clusters, a list of products used in each design, and desgins you can use at your next job.

Designs covered in this book
  • Princess Fairy
  • Shimmer Cheetah
  • Bling Queen
  • Bling Goddess
  • Tribal Bling
  • Bat Bling
  • TigerFly
  • Garden Fairy
  • Electric Fairy
  • DragonFly
  • and so much more!
A face painting trip to the zoo. Twenty four step by step designs that can be painted in 5-7 minutes. By Tina Carroll.
Your Face or Mine
Our Price: $15.00
Brian & Nick's Wild Faces
Our Price: $15.00
Mask Face Paint Book Book
Our Price: $15.00
This great 56 page book is hot off the presses. The featured artist is Shannon Fennell from Canada. This book is packed with full color step by step with great easy faces that can easily be painted in under five minutes. Wild Faces by Nick and Brian Wolfe is a WILD guide to creating out of the boxes face art such as a raging bull, piglet, horse, Indian elephant and much more. From the masters of face art, Nick and Brian bring you a full color 15 step by step design book that takes you for a walk on the wild side. This is a 54 page, full color step-by-step book by Silly Farms on painting masks. (Books can not be returned, refunded or exchanged for any reason)
Pashur's Face & Body Art Guide to creating 3-D Scorpions and Spiders

this book features:
16 full colored pages
Part's of the Guide are in Spanish
Anatomical breakdown of Spiders & Scorpions
Facts & Reference photos
Amazing 3-D step by step easy to learn designs
There is a shortage of face painting how-to books that teach fast boy designs.  When face painting, it is important to have both quality as well as speed.  This cutting edge book teaches both, and is 5th in a series of those issued by SNAZAROO USA, Inc.  It features designs created by award-winning artist, Kristi Darby.  56 pages, 25 full-color step-by-step designs with photos and instructions.