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black, dark green, lime green, yellow Olive green, metallic orange, gold, metallic black
Purple, lilac, pink, white
Yellow, orange, red, white
Metallic purple, metallic baby blue, gold, metallic white
Black, red, orange, yellow
Purple, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red
Blue, light blue, lilac, white
Blue, yellow, light blue, white
Ligjt blue, lilac, pink, yellow
Neon purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink
Purple, neon pink white, teal
White, grey, black
White, gold red, black
White, lime green, metallic green, metallic blue
Green, yellow, gold, pale pink, red
Purple, blue, dark green, yellow, orange, red
Red, purple light blue, lime green, teal, dark blue
Black, dark green, lime green, yellow
Yellow, pink, light blue, dark blue
Yellow, orange, pale pink, purple
Dark blue, light blue, white, red
White, yellow, orange, pale pink, purple
Red, white, blue
Black, red, pale pink, lilac, white
White, light blue, white, blue, purple
Red, pale pink, white
White, lilac, purple
Yellow, orange, burgandy, dark brown