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Sharpen Your Skills with Face Painting Books & DVDs

Check out our wide selection of face painting books and DVDs to help you step up your face and body painting or to help you get started for the first time. We feature books and magazines such as American Face Painter, Balloon Magic. Our books are done by great face painters such as Kerry Ann DePetro, Sean Avram, Mark Reid, and the Wolfe Brothers. For the beginner, check out the step by step face painting books and beginner to intermediate books to begin your face painting adventure. There are several books geared toward beginners, to give you the basics of face painting. Check out our convenient Snazaroo clampacks, featuring a full book of designs plus 8 paint colors. For the experienced, you won’t want to miss our books filled with revolutionary advanced face painting designs and techniques including Pashur’s XRay approach. We also carry books in special effects such as silicone enhancements by the Wolfe Brothers and others and Pashur’s 3-D Scorpions and Spiders.

Learn more from the masters in the comfort of your own home! You won’t want to miss DVD classes featuring Kerry Ann Smith, Annie Reynolds, Christina Davison, Nick and Brian Wolfe, Mark Reid, Marcella Murad, and Carol Turman. Classes cover a wide range of experience levels and topics. Topics include animal paintings, Halloween and Superhero faces, and paintings focused on girls and boys. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn through step by step demonstrations of some of the best in the field!